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We offer 2-1/2 to 4-1/2 hour story tours of Black Chicago that highlight the history, heritage and culture of people of African descent and their contributions to the city. Traveling by Motor Coach, more than 40 sites are visited. Tours may also be customized.

Story Tours

FROM DUSABLE TO OBAMA – From founding father Jean Baptiste Point DuSable's settlement on the North bank of the Chicago River to President Barack Obama's Hyde Park haunts and homes, it's impossible to tell the true story of
Chicago without telling the story of African Americans. Sites include:

  • DuSable Homestead
  • Johnson Publishing Company
  • Blues Heaven/Chess Records
  • Quinn Chapel A.M.E.

  • South Side Community Art Center
  • Historic Homes
  • DuSable Museum of Afr. Amer. History
  • Obama's Hyde Park Haunts

    HISTORICAL BRONZEVILLE TOUR - Learn about one of America's most
    significant African-American urban communities of the 20th Century.
    Sites include:

    • Great Migration Statue
    • King Drive Walk of Fame
    • Supreme Life Building

    • Pilgrim Baptist Church
    • Sutherland Hotel
    • 47th Street Blues & Jazz District