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“I was the Chairperson for this major fundraiser for a local theater which was bringing in a Broadway play and hosting an event for opening night. Barbara Kensey was my main source and connection to the staff, theater management and all involved consultants to insure this highly publicized and high profile event went off without any snafus. Barbara was a calm, dependable and reliable voice. She was trustworthy and consistent in her methods and manners and I knew if she said it was going to be done or she was going to handle the situation, I had no fear. She has taste, talent and all her work is done with a high level of clarity and sophistication. I would work with Barbara in a minute and look forward to the time when an opportunity would present itself.”

-Leslie A. Williams, Co Founder and Owner, VP Interior Design, The Amistad Group (Vernon Williams - Architects)

“Barbara is very creative, a gifted writer who gives her all to every project she receives.”

-Sonya Gregory-Hayes, Owner/Founder, Sonya Hayes Consultants

“Barbara is a phenomenal publicist and communications professional who has a wealth of knowledge about and appreciation for the arts, artists, and culture. Clients are sure to be pleased with the expertise she provides.”

-Ann Pinkney, Freelance Writer/Editor, Self Employed

“Barbara is an excellent publicist and skilled communications professional. She has consistently provided timely and expansive information about events that she consults for. My work as a freelance journalist is always a little easier when Barbara Kensey is managing the subject.”

-Rosalind Cummings-Yeates, Freelance Writer, self-employed

“Hello Barbara, What a great pleasure it was for us to experience your wisdom and insight about the Black side of Chicago. I would like to keep a record of this so that next time, we will be sure to visit different locations. All the best Barbara, and thanks again for providing our Think Tank with an educational experience that was both fun and inspirational.”

-Dr. David Moss, University of Notre Dame