about us

My life as an entrepreneur began at about eight years old when my sister and I would comb through magazines to order garden seeds and velvet-like wall mottos that said things like "God Bless our Home." Then we would sell them door to door. From there we graduated to selling lemonade and kool-aid popsicles created by freezing the sweet drink in metal ice trays into which sticks were stuck at just the right moment to create a popsicle.

In between we read books – lots of them – books we checked out weekly from the local library and read quickly so that we could return them and get more. It was through these books that I began to view the world as a place much bigger than our little neighborhood -- and where I began to hunger for my story. I am a communicator. I am a public relations specialist, writer, publisher and story guide. My PR clients have included a variety of local and national individuals and organizations. My work has appeared in a number of national consumer magazines, including Essence, Savoy and Pathfinders Travel Magazine and on-line at www.ebonyjet.com . I have traveled extensively, chronicling the uniqueness of destinations from Brazil and Cuba to India and South Africa.

In Chicago, the city of my birth, I am one of the founding publishers of The Guide to Black Chicago/Access Black Chicago, the city's first-ever visitor's and resource guide to Black history, culture and entertainment in the City of Chicago.

You can find me on-line, in Who's Who in Black Chicago, in the annals of the Publicity Club of Chicago and the Black Public Relations Society (BPRS) --I am a charter member-- and singer in the choir at Trinity United Church of Christ.